Psychological Problems Of Priests And Religious

Psychological Problems Of Priests And Religious
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Author : Fr. Felix M Podimattam

The book is all about what happens in the life of priest and religious whose behavioural patterns are very much affected by the social-religious and psychological dimensions of life. As being human, they tend to be affected by the above said aspects of life as any other common man in the world. The author has tried to explore the major problems faced by the priest and religious, mainly, the misuse of power, loneliness, celibacy, low self esteem and alcoholism. In fact each of these problems occurs because of the deviation from one's duties and rights in the chosen context of life. Even intellectualised orientation to the life also results in psychological problems. Realisation of the love of God within can answer many questions related to the social spiritual and psychological problems and as a result there can be drastic changes which will be seen in the positive approach to life. Inspite of the limitations the author has attempted to highlight the problems in the priestly and religious life and tried to address their needs.

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Author Fr. Felix M Podimattam
ISBN 8174952226
Pages 264
Cover Paper Bind

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